Take your practice off your mat

Ahh, Christmas! T’is the season to be merry. A time when the ideals of love, giving, and peace on earth go hand-in-hand with the realities of commercialism, frayed nerves and over indulgence. How can we stay true to our yogic ideals without turning bah humbug?

Begin the search for peace on earth by first finding a little bit of peace within your own heart. Instead of railing against what ‘should be’, learn to open your heart and accept ‘what is’. Can’t find a parking space at Westfield? Be grateful for the opportunity to focus on your breath. Auntie Maureen complaining about her brother again? Smile and send her loving, compassionate thoughts. Neighbours having a noisy late night party? Take yourself for a moonlit walk along the beach.

Believe it or not, this IS your yoga practice.


About theaspiringyogi

I am passionate about yoga - reading, writing, practising and teaching.
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