Is yoga enough?

On the second Sunday in August, Bondi plays host to the finish line for the annual City2Surf fun run. This is the world’s largest run, with over 60,000 people taking part.

As the runners cram in some last minute training, us yogis may start to wonder….is yoga alone enough to keep us fit? The answer of course is that it depends on your fitness goals and your yoga practice. If your fitness goal is to have the energy to get through your day and feel good, then practising the primary series four or five times per week is probably enough. The primary series is a great all round workout – think about your increased heart rate during the sun salutations and the muscle strength required for the standing poses. Coupled with a pranayama practice for cardio respiratory fitness, this should be enough for most people.

Of course, if you are training for a run, yoga is not a substitute form of training. But for those of you game enough to take on the City2Surf, yoga is a good complementary practice, helping you to not only prepare, but also to recover more quickly from the run. Many of the poses in the primary series target specific muscles like the hamstrings and calves. The result? Your muscles, ligaments and tendons rebound faster so there’s less chance of injury, less soreness, and speedier recovery. The poses also simultaneously strengthen muscles in the core and spine, helping to iron out any postural imbalances and therefore enabling you to run more efficiently.

Whether or not you choose to combine your yoga practice with other types of exercise, a regular practice is key to staying fit and healthy.


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I am passionate about yoga - reading, writing, practising and teaching.
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